Happybins is a company who specialise in cleaning bins on wheels - 'wheelie bins'
Our aim is to provide the best bin-cleaning service in the UK
Happybins is a fast-growing business
We clean domestic and trade wheelie binsfrom 120 to 1300 litres
Why should you get your wheelie bin washed?
After time dirt builds up in all wheelie bins some have a thick layer of rubbish stuck at the bottom. An unwashed bin is prone to infestation with insects, especially maggots; it will be full of germs and be very smelly unpleasant at the very least.

We have specially-built vans for cleaning wheelie bins; our vans are not used for any other purpose.
Your wheelie bin is:
checked for rubbish that collects at the bottom
thoroughly washed inside and out
left smelling fresh and clean
A yellow bag is placed in the bin (sizes 120–360 litres only). Finally we leave a card to say that we have cleaned your bin.
If you are not in when we clean your bin we will leave you a note to say your bin has been cleaned.
We guarantee your bin will be clean or your money will be refunded.

Why should you choose Happybins?
Happybins is a professional wheelie bin–cleaning company. We specialise in cleaning wheeled bins. We have a system that cleans your bin in a safe and effective way. You can get cheaper and you can get more expensive, but we believe we give you the best clean for the price you pay.
Happybins vans are purpose-built environmentally safe mobile washing and sterilising units. We use a water filtration system that helps recycle the water that we use. This has two purposes:
it saves on water
we can use as much water as we need to clean your bin
One of the most advanced wheelie bin–washing units in the UK

What if you clean the bin yourself?
If you use bleach or other chemicals to clean your bin please do not empty the contents in the storm drains because you may be killing our local rivers and wildlife. Happybins disposes of all its waste water in the correct sewage drain.